Five Short Words

I started a blog in 2009 when I was on a sabbatical, and had some time to think and write. Many of the posts were around themes of peacebuilding – one of my passions in my working life as a church pastor. When I retired in 2018, I became active once more and try to write on issues that I come across – especially to do with inclusion v exclusion, scarcity v abundance, empire v commonwealth, business as usual v transformation, arrogance v trust, competition v cooperation, self v community, individualism v connectedness …. and the real life choices we make.

Blogging is usually about using many words, but often just five short words can get a point across. Even four, three, two or one word. And using no words at all is sometimes the best way to communicate. (But I hit on five words as giving a bit of leeway).

Latest from the Blog

I Have A Better Idea

First, a disclaimer – the ‘I’ in the title of this post is not me, in case you were thinking – what an arrogant … ! I love the way that things sometimes come together. This week a whole load of stuff has been converging for me.Let me start with a list:Pioneer Practice – a… Continue reading I Have A Better Idea

Where Jesus Attends A Wedding

So, we have this group called BUNS – where we look at a Bible passage, play Uno and eat NibbleS …. last time, we were looking at John chapter 2, where Jesus goes to a wedding and turns water into wine. Whatever you think about the miracle as recorded, it’s important to think about the… Continue reading Where Jesus Attends A Wedding

So Much To Tell You

I’m told that to increase your readership, you need to blog often. Ah well. There is so much to say, but sadly I’ve forgotten a lot of it. However, here’s one snippet, and it’s all about water. But first, the plan. I have a plan for the year. A plan that is slimmed down from… Continue reading So Much To Tell You

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