Five Short Words

Five Short Words is all about the issues that I come across –
especially to do with:
inclusion/exclusion, scarcity/abundance,
empire/commonwealth, business as usual/transformation,
arrogance/trust, competition/cooperation,
self/community, individualism/connectedness
…. and the real life choices we make.

Latest from the Blog

Let’s Catch Some Big Fish

This is a post about why Christ died. Just thought I would say that at the start. It will be followed by a post on Christ’s resurrection, as told by Mark in his gospel.N.B. (Note carefully) What follows is not the whole story, but it is definitely an important part of the story that we…

What’s The Opposite Of Spiritual

This is quite a bit longer than I would usually post … a sermon preached a few weeks ago in Easter week, focussing on the bodily resurrection of Jesus, and the importance of an embodied faith, lived out by our spiritual practices. Thursday Communion 13.4.23 St Catharine’s, Gloucester Jesus Appears to the Disciples On the…

Wondering Where The Lions Are ?

So this week, we started the ‘Being With’ course at Church. I came across this on a conference on Zoom during lockdown. The course has been developed by Sam Wells, vicar at St Martin-In-The-Fields in London along with his associate vicar, Sally Hitchiner.When I heard Sam Wells talk about the course, I knew immediately that…

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