Five Short Words

I started a blog in 2009 when I was on a sabbatical, and had some time to think and write. Many of the posts were around themes of peacebuilding – one of my passions in my working life as a church pastor. When I retired in 2018, I became active once more and try to write on issues that I come across – especially to do with inclusion v exclusion, scarcity v abundance, empire v commonwealth, business as usual v transformation, arrogance v trust, competition v cooperation, self v community, individualism v connectedness …. and the real life choices we make.

Blogging is usually about using many words, but often just five short words can get a point across. Even four, three, two or one word. And using no words at all is sometimes the best way to communicate. (But I hit on five words as giving a bit of leeway).

Latest from the Blog

Three Russians On A Bus

We’re on holiday. We hardly ever go to the same place more than once, but this is our third stay at Hotel Viewpoint in Patara on the Turquoise coast in Southern Turkey. So yesterday we went to Kas, a town about an hour away, on one of the small buses (Dolmus) that you find all… Continue reading Three Russians On A Bus

A Walk In The Park

The walk Last Saturday, 10th September 2022, I went on my usual morning walk in the park, which is just five minutes from our house. There was to have been an event in the park today supporting the local Pride celebrations. Like many other things this weekend, it’s been postponed because of the death of… Continue reading A Walk In The Park

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