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Today It Is Nakba Day

I just read a post from Huw Thomas. It reminded me that today is Nakba Day. The day when Palestinians remember the forced removal in 1948 of their families from their ancestral homes. This is not just a past event, but an ongoing horror story where Palestinians are routinely abused and refused; victimized and minimized;… Continue reading Today It Is Nakba Day

See How The Water Flows

Another month, another song. Sometime last year, I heard a talk by theologian Ched Myers. He lives in Northern California, near the coast, and was talking about the way that biodiversity in his area has been affected by loss of water. Further upstream, industry is taking so much water off the river that the river… Continue reading See How The Water Flows

The Front Of The Queue ?

Re: My recent post – How to avert the crisis. I just finished this song that seems to say a similar thing: Waterfall She wanted freedom –But there’s was nowhere for her to goIt’s hard to choose betweenA bus ticket and a winter coat See how the water flowsFreely the waters flowBut never to her… Continue reading The Front Of The Queue ?

I Almost Cut My Hair

This morning, I cut my hair and tidied up my beard. The words of a song came into my head, so I went to my wife and said: I almost cut my hairIt happened just the other dayIt was gettin’ kinda longI could-a said, it was in my wayBut I didn’t and I wonder whyI… Continue reading I Almost Cut My Hair

How To Avert The Crisis

There’s a passage I’ve been reading in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah: The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord, after King Zedekiah had made a covenant with all the people in Jerusalem to make a proclamation of liberty to them— 9 that all should set free their Hebrew slaves, male and female,… Continue reading How To Avert The Crisis

In Ordinary And Hidden Moments

We’ve been watching the series ‘Pilgrimage’ on BBC TV this week.In previous years, the programme has followed a group of celebrities on a pilgrim route – one year it was Rome, another was Compostela, another was Istanbul. This year, they are following the journey of the 6th century saint Columba as he set up Christian… Continue reading In Ordinary And Hidden Moments

The Last Shall Be First

I’ve been reading Jeremiah 31 today. The promise to Israel that they will return from exile.The story of exile and homecoming is one of THE MAJOR THEMES in the Bible. A couple of things I noticed: There are various literary devices used in scripture. Among other things, they are designed to make the message memorable,… Continue reading The Last Shall Be First

Stories Of Pain And Possibility

This post is about two ways that the Christian Church typically responds to situations of pain, and how our default settings miss something vital. Part 1: Mercy more than Justice.In the fortnightly online discussion group that I’m a part of we’ve been thinking about ‘The Powers’ that are in play around us, and what a… Continue reading Stories Of Pain And Possibility


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