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A Service In Llandaff Cathedral

We’ve just watched the service of reflection for Queen Elizabeth II. Much to comment on in appreciation of a beautiful service. Here is an example … an anthem sung by the choir – here are the words. Almighty God,whose faithfulness is like the mountainsand whose mercy like the rainwhose wisdom ordained that the lines should… Continue reading A Service In Llandaff Cathedral

A Walk In The Park

The walk Last Saturday, 10th September 2022, I went on my usual morning walk in the park, which is just five minutes from our house. There was to have been an event in the park today supporting the local Pride celebrations. Like many other things this weekend, it’s been postponed because of the death of… Continue reading A Walk In The Park

I Almost Cut My Hair

This morning, I cut my hair and tidied up my beard. The words of a song came into my head, so I went to my wife and said: I almost cut my hairIt happened just the other dayIt was gettin’ kinda longI could-a said, it was in my wayBut I didn’t and I wonder whyI… Continue reading I Almost Cut My Hair

We Step Outside The Text

My brain hurts!I’m reading in Jeremiah … a short passage today (Jeremiah 43:1-7), raises some interesting and challenging questions. Let me first summarise what’s happening and then think about the intent of those who wrote the text. I guess this is all about how we view scripture and how it comes to us. Basically this… Continue reading We Step Outside The Text

Today It Is Nakba Day

I just read a post from Huw Thomas. It reminded me that today is Nakba Day. The day when Palestinians remember the forced removal in 1948 of their families from their ancestral homes. This is not just a past event, but an ongoing horror story where Palestinians are routinely abused and refused; victimized and minimized;… Continue reading Today It Is Nakba Day

See How The Water Flows

Another month, another song. Sometime last year, I heard a talk by theologian Ched Myers. He lives in Northern California, near the coast, and was talking about the way that biodiversity in his area has been affected by loss of water. Further upstream, industry is taking so much water off the river that the river… Continue reading See How The Water Flows


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