Jesus Prays

Mark 1:35-39

Even Jesus needed to get away from it all.  After all the activity in Capernaum, he gets up in the middle of the night, and finds a deserted place to pray.  It doesn’t last long!  Simon and the others soon find him.
I suppose this is what I am trying to do in these nine and a bit weeks.  Refreshment of body, mind and spirit is what it’s all about.  Maybe regaining things that have been lost in the busyness of life and ministry.  Maybe discovering new things about myself, the world and God.
These verses about Jesus going off the pray and get some spiritual refreshment are very appropriate for today (Sunday), and in a few minutes, I’m heading off to St Columba’s in Hull, where I was a curate for three years.  It’ll be good to be sitting in the pew, receiving.

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