Wilberforce Way

During the 2007 celebrations that marked the 200th anniversary of the passing of the Slave Trade Act, a waymarked path was established linking Hull (The birthplace of William Wilberforce) to Pocklington (Where he went to school) and then on to  York.  (Wilberforce was an independent member of parliament for Yorkshire)

The Yorskshire and Humber Faiths Forum organised three days of walks along the Wilberforce way this week, and I’ve just been on day two, a nine mile circular walk around the Market Town of Pocklington, North Yorkshire.
It was an amazing day for me, with so many links to things that are buzzing around in my head.  I’m going to save the detailed posts for another time, but I learned some interesting facts about modern day trafficking, and cities of refuge; met two people who did the Compastela pilgrimage last year, 500 miles in  five weeks; heard about a modern day presentation of the Passion that took place in Malton, North Yorkshire, learned some things about being an army chaplain; chatted with a bishop, and ended the day with a tour of the Buddhist Centre in Pocklington, complete with meditation and soup.

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