White Magnum

No, not the Walls one, this one’s a Dodge.  But pretty tasty!  It was supposed to be a Chevrolet compact, but …

It goes like this.  I was just congratulating myself that we had planned our itinerary pretty well, when it went (a little bit pear shaped).  It was Monday.  We had spent the morning at Union Station – amazing building – and the afternoon at the Zoo watching the Orang utan – amazing animal.  
The plan was this.  Hop on the metro at the zoo, go to the Arlington Metro stop, and find the car rental place, which is on Davis Jefferson highway – which is the same street as the Arlington Cemetery. 
So we emerge from the Arlington metro station, and discover that Jefferson Davis Highway is … well … a highway … that is, like a motorway.  So finding the car hire place was not going to be easy.  Plus, I had forgotten what number jefferson David Highway!
We decided to take a taxi, got in, and then after being assured by the driver that he knew the car rental place we wanted to go to, discovered that he didn’t!  Quick exit from the taxi.  back to the hotel where our luggage (and free internet) is … and find out that the car hire place is actually Ronald reagan Airport.
Eventually arrived at Ronald Reagan Airport, (which is where the car rental place is) and after a long walk, found the car rental desk.  
They had no record of us!  Then the car rental computer went down!  Then he found us on the system, but not at Ronald Reagan Airport, but at their Jefferson Davis Highway branch.
Confused?  Don’t worry.  He found us a car, and got us on the road, 2 hours after we had planned.  But the outcome of all this was that we ended up with the Magnum!

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