A Walk in the Woods

I’m re reading Bill Bryson’s book ‘A Walk in the Woods’ – his account of walking the AT (Appalachian Trail).  It’s a great laugh out loud read.  We walked a bit of the AT today as part of a 6 mile ‘Big Run Loop’ hike.  It started out with about 2 miles gently sloping down the hillside.  As you know, what goes down, must come up, and so we then had about a mile and a half of fairly steep climb.  You then get a feel for what Bill Bryson talks about.  After a while, you don’t care about the view, you can’t talk to your comrades on the trail, you just look at the ground to make sure you don’t trip over any roots or rocks.

We did 6 miles today.  If I was just starting the AT I would need to walk about another 10 miles today, and I would have another 149 days to go.
We were talking to a guy called Chris the other day who was telling us that he met a girl of about 18 and her 17 yr old friend who were doing the AT – she was doing it for the second time.  The first time she did it was 7 years ago – she was 11 and her brother was 8!  They were the youngest girl and boy to ever do the whole AT.

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