Jam and the Pink Cadillac

Today was the last day of my brief trip down to the South West of Virginia to see some real bluegrass music.  

I arrived at the Floyd Country Store at lunchtime and decided to try the Barbeque Platter, which was verry nice!  A quick detour then to see some of the sights along the Blue Ridge Parkway, where I visited an old mill and sampled some more bluegrass, this time accompanied by some dancing!
After the Sunday Bluegrass Jam back at Floyd, I sadly returned to Harrisonburg, but decided to stay off the Interstate as far as possible.  (The interstate is only a dual carriageway, and with 18 wheeler trucks thundering by it’s not conducive to relaxed driving)
So on route 11, I came across the Pink Cadillac Diner.  I couldn’t resist going in and buying a coffee, and had a brief conversation with a rather bemused woman at the till who couldn’t quite understand why I was so taken with the place.
I stopped a few times on the journey to take a few snaps.  What was interesting me more than anything was the broken down abandoned clapboard houses and barns that are as frequent a sight as churches!

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