It’s been a while.

I’m hoping to get back into the habit of this once the silly season is over. We’re off to the Greenbelt Festival over the Bank Holiday, so there should certainly be some posts about that.
Just this for now.
A recent letter from a friend says a lot:
I regard it (church), not only as a place of worship, but quite simply as ‘home’. Which is pretty marvellous when you consider Heaven – God’s Kingdom – is where we come from, and as the missionaries in China said, dying, death, is Going Home: so, we’re already half way there!
Gets me thinking about heaven again.
Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham has been banging on about this for years. Heaven is to do with the presence of God and the activity of God … and when we pray “On earth as it is in heaven” we are praying for more of God in the world; right here, right now.
We’re not praying to be whisked away to some ethereal world of clouds and harps. We’re praying for peace; for justice; for everyone; for everything.
My friend senses that little bit of heaven because of how God has worked in his life, and how he experiences God working in the church. It feels like home. It feels like heaven.
Or as Belinda Carlisle sang long ago … ooh heaven is a place on earth!
Come to think of it – Greenbelt feels like heaven too. Can’t wait.

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