Slowing Down to Catch God

What a great phrase.  I love the way that language works, and this phrase conjours up a brilliant image.
After watching the 30 minute video ‘godspeed,’ we realised that in lockdown, we have slowed down.  I know we’ve been very fortunate, and many haven’t had the luxury, but we have been in garden and that’s slow work.  Plants don’t just mature overnight.  We planted an apple and a plum tree about 18 months ago, and I know it will be a few years before we get much off them in the way of fruit.
We’ve walked pretty much everywhere in the last 10 weeks in lockdown.
I’ve been learning about baking bread – having mixed results, but making progress … slowly
We’ve cooked some tasty meals that take time to prepare.
We’re slowing down, and being more attentive to the world around us, and to the daily round.

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