Song for Today #13

Talk about Suffering

When I started on thinking about suffering, this song came to mind.  As far as I can tell it’s origins are ‘traditional’

It sounds like a song written out of real experience – like so many of the spirituals yearning for a more just life. My guess is that the sufferings come from injustice and poverty. 

For the person of faith that yearning has often been expressed as hope in life after death.  Heaven, Paradise, Shangri La, Elysium etc.  That may be because there doesn’t seem to be any real possibility for this life getting any better, so our only hope is in heaven.

Cries such as this however must lead in the direction of change here and now.

I like to find a live version which is here, showcasing Phil Keaggy’s amazing guitar work.  Talk about Suffering – Phil Keaggy

but this is Phil Keaggy’s recorded version. Talk about Suffering

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