Morning Prayer For A Tuesday

Before Prayer

The night has passed and the day lies open before us;
let us pray with one heart and mind. 

As we rejoice in the gift of this new day,
so may the light of your presence, O God,
set our hearts on fire with love for you.

Opening Prayer. **

Lord, set your blessing on us
as we begin this day.
Confirm in us the truth by which we rightly live
Confront us with the truth from which we wrongly turn.
I ask not for what I want,
but for what you know I need –
as I offer you this day,
and myself;
for you,
and to you,
through Jesus Christ our Saviour,

The Psalm of the day

Possible Psalms – 2, 11, 12, 85, 124, 146.

‘Kyrie’ Prayer

The Lord is about to pass by
Lord, have mercy.

Your face, Lord, do I seek
Christ, have mercy

Your law is life
Lord, have mercy

Collect / Affirmation of faith

God of justice,
whose ways are goodness,
and whose word is true;
you show us glimpses of the life of the age to come
in your often hidden,
alternative world of the Spirit.
Strengthen us as we seek to be
the presence of Christ in the world.

Scripture reading(s) for the day

Prayer of thanksgiving or prayer of concern.

we pray for the poor –
that they may receive the kingdom of God.
For the lowly –
may they be lifted up.
For the hungry –
may they be filled.
For the widow, the orphan and the stranger –
may they know justice.

For us all –
may we be bringers of peace,
hungry for justice,
active in service,
loving with humility,
now and always,

Blessing ***

May the God of power and love
strengthen you as you cease to do evil,
learn to do good,
seek justice,
rescue the oppressed,
defend the orphan
and plead for the widow and the stranger.

** Acknowledgement: This prayer is from the Iona Community Worship Book, page 103 in the edition I have, entitled
‘Lord, set your blessing on us.’

*** Adapted from Isaiah 1 verse 16

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