Morning Prayer For A Wednesday

Before Prayer

The night has passed and the day lies open before us;
let us pray with one heart and mind. 

As we rejoice in the gift of this new day,
so may the light of your presence, O God,
set our hearts on fire with love for you.

Opening Prayer. **

O God, we come to remind ourselves
that your Holy Spirit is present deep within us
and at the heart of all life.
Open our minds to your truth,
warm our hearts with your love,
enliven our spirits with the breath of your Holy Spirit
and touch our wills
that we may walk in your way;
the way that leads to life,
the life of the age to come,
life in all its fulness.

The psalm of the day
suggested – 16, 29, 42, 63, 139

‘Kyrie’ prayer

Lord God, you love us as a parent loves their children
Lord, have mercy

Lord Jesus, you are the promised anointed one of God
Christ, have mercy

Holy Spirit, we wait for you to come in power
Lord, have mercy

Collect / Affirmation of Faith

God of all times.
Past, present, future.
God of our times.
History, humanity.
God of this time
Now. Life. Here.
God in time,
often just in time.

Timeless God,
take this moment
and inhabit it.
imbue it with your presence.

Scripture reading(s) for the day

Prayer of thanksgiving or prayer of concern.

For the beauty of creation;
for leaf, and flower, and birdsong,
Creator God, I thank you.
For this human life;
and the journey of growth twards you,
Lord Jesus, I thank you.
For companions on the way;
and adventures in faith yet to come,
Holy Spirit, I thank you.

Blessing ***

Be the eye of God dwelling with you;
the foot of Christ in guidance with you;
the shower of the Spirit pouring on you,
richly and generously.
God’s peace to you,
Jesus’ peace to you,
Spirit’s peace to you
and to your children,
oh to you and your children,
each day and night
of your portion in the world.

** Acknowledgement: adapted and expanded from
a prayer in the Iona Community prayer book,
page 53 in my edition.

*** Traditional celtic blessing
– Carmina Gadelica (Alexander Carmichael)
from Celtic Devotions (Calvin Miller)

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