Me, We, Everybody Part 1’

I’ve been back onto the RobCast this week, and listening to ‘Me We Everybody’ part one.

It’s like the best things, very simple but with the potential of being very deep. it concerns three aspects of growth in our lives. The first – ‘Me’ – is about our own individual sense of identity. The second – ‘We’ – is to do with being part of a group – a tribe, a family, a faith community, a sports team etc. The third –“Everybody”-is about the world beyond our group or tribe.

All of these three ways of seeing ourselves and our lives are important, and are areas where we will grow. For example a toddler will at some point have a sense of their own identity, and then realise that they are part of a family, and at some point see the possibility of relating outside the family.

But it’s not just about a linear growth from Me to We to Everybody, These three different ways of understanding our experiences are present throughout our lives and interact and overlap.

And …. there’s both healthy and unhealthy ways of each of the three. For example, suppose something that we have accepted as absolutely true in our upbringing – maybe we’re lifelong members of the flat earth society, and we become are of people outside our tribe who say that the earth is round.

We have a choice – to be open to change or double down on the ‘We.’

This has happened in the pandemic as some people have been convinced that it’s all a hoax, and ignored the science and stuck with their view. The power of ‘We’ has been stronger than the ideas of ‘Everybody’ in the wider world.

I’m still listening to part one of this series of 4 and interested to hear how all of this connects with my own experience.

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