Jess’s Blog Away In Tanzania

My daughter Jessica (18) is in Tanzania, and has just set up her Blog.

This is her latest post.

Aw man, this weekend was SUCH an experience. we went out to mama rhoda’s village to stay with her brother and we were staying in mud huts held up by sticks. they are traditional “wigogo” houses and they are for people that are about 5 ft tall.most of them are very short..so when i was inside i had to tilt my head to one side and crouch down cause i was too tall!! We and mama rhoda(mariam) went to this village 2 hours out of dodoma. We got there about 6.30 on friday evening and as soon as we got there after 2 seconds there was about 50 kids around the car!! we leaned out of the windows and stopped the car and talked to them for about 15mins, and then it was getting dark and we needed to find this invisble house in the darkness..so we drove off and ALL of these little kids, from 3 years old to about 15 yeard old, were chasing our car! its like something you would see on TV!!! with no proper road and it was almost dark we found this little mud hut and mariams brother didnt even realise we were coming! they have no electricity so the only form of communication is sending letters in cars that happen to be passing through!! Even though we were unexpected we were so welcome in their home. along side the bedrooms were 36 goats and sheep, 2 HUGE pigs, loads of chickens and dogd and cats! the space was about the size of a small garden but everything was crammed in! that evening we were all sat in the open space and mariams brother got into the goat pen and brought one out… he said to us that we could take it home as a gift. We were so shocked! to buy a goat is the same amount of money as I would get paid in 1 month.. we really were honoured guests. we siad that we had no way of taking it home… and he said ok, we can either take it to your house in 1 week or you can eat it and we will prepare it for you now… we had not other option than to say eat it now!! so they killed it in front of us and we had to eat EVERYTHING!! we ended up eating the heart, liver, lungs, intestines, testis and all that stuff and even the blood. ewww… it didnt taste nice at all, ut we had no other option reallt than to eat it because this was such a treat. then of course we had to eat the mean too… they watched us eating it … was a bit off putting and it meant we had to keep smiling no matter how horrid and chewy it was!! but we arent poisened yet!!!
anyway, more or less straight after this we went to bed. it was about 12.30 by the time we had finished it. me jenny and mariam slept in a small room on the mud with the cats.. well we didnt sleep much but it didnt matter.
the next day started at 5 am. we had to use the toilet! we had hoped that we could hold our selves… but it wasnt possible! all the loo was, was a small hole in the ground about the size of a baked beans tin, with a wall up to my waist! it was a bit awkward trying not to expose all to the wigogo people, but i succeeded finally. we went to visit some people in the town and then went to see mariams brothers farm. it was quite sad, but interesting. this time of year the maize should be about my head hight by now, but it was only just ankle level. they are really struggling with the rain, but are getting by. it was a 2hour walk each way across the fields every day to the farm for them… i only just managed to get there and back!!!
after thios they cooked us a tanzanian dish called ugali, which is basically maize flower in boiling water to make a white flower jelly.. ill make it for you all one day… it an experience!! anyway, we got ugali… but it was made with millet. it was very different. it was a gray colour and was like sand. its easier to grow with no rain, and so most people grow this if they think the rains wont come. wasnt very nice really, very grainy, but i guess its nutritious and at least they have food!!
after this we went to a fresh water spring! that was amazing! i wont go on too much about that cause ive said lots already! but there was hot water bubbling up from uderneath the ground!!! it was beautiful! people go there to bath and wash clothes (…and by the smell of it goodness know what else they did in there too..! ) and that was so nice.
it was about 5.45 and time to get home before darkness dawned upon the fields and we got home safely afrriving 5mins from home with a FLAT TIRE!!!!! thank goodness we were in town by now! we got 2 guys to change it and they said theyd do it if they could have a soda for it so we agreed and they got it done so quickly. timed to the mili second they took 2 mins 37.126 secs to change our 4×4 patrol car tire! not bad eh?! surely got to be a world record!
anyway we arrived back and it was nice to have our comforts, but it made me realise how much we dont need these things. we have been braught up to be dependent on electricity and elecrical things that we never see what amazing and exciting lives we could live. We are so lucky to have things that we have! its just so amazing – i can post this on here in 5 mins and people 4,700 miles can read it within seconds!
You go to a doctor who you cant pronounce the name of, you get a prescription which you cant read, he tells you to go to a pharmacy you never knew existed, and they give you some pills which you have no clue about how they work….. thats faith!! these guys in the village had sooo much faith in God. they just knew from day to day everything would be good for them. everything would work out ok and they’ll live until God chooses them to live to. they just know… they trust and they are soo happy! HEBREWS 11:1. 🙂
what amazing things God’s shown me this weekend!
have a great week. xx

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What an experience for her!!!

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