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I Am A Little Disturbed

I just noticed the graphic on my blog home page that shows the relative numbers of times different subjects have appeared.

I was a little disturbed to see the largest word was Church.

What does this say about what I’m writing ? I’d much rather the largest word was Jesus, or God, or Grace …

2 thoughts on “I Am A Little Disturbed

  1. Are you simply using the word “church” as a generic term for the universe of the Lord? I think so.


    1. Thanks for the comment/question Andy. I think if I were to look back at the times I have used the word Church, it will be about any denomination (but mostly the one I know best – The Church of England). It will be to do with institutions, organisation, history, worship and mission etc. The human, but hopefully God inspired enterprise that we call ‘The Church.’

      In response to your comment, the Church is definitely not the whole of what God is doing. The Holy Spirit is at work all over the place. Jesus talked about ‘The Kingdom of God,’ which I believe is wherever God is at work in the lives of those who are open to God. What makes the church wonderful is that God loves the church. God wants to use the church, but often we’re slow to respond to what God is doing and we get caught up in navel gazing, or selfishness or fear.


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