Follow me

Mark 1:16-20

This is the bit where Jesus calls four named disciples.  The word ‘euthus’ (immediately) comes in twice here.
Two disciples are casting their nets – fishing.  The other two are mending their nets.
The call is to follow Jesus.  The call comes to them, not in church or synagogue, but at work.  The call is not to go it alone, but be part of something bigger, with Jesus leading the way.
The two aspects of their old life will also be a part of their new life.  Instead of catching fish, they will be catching people.  Instead of mending nets, they will be involved in mending (making ‘perfect’/whole) people.
But following Jesus will mean much more than that.  If we follow him all the way, it will take us to places where we might not choose to go.  Places where we are not comfortable, places where we risk losing our dignity, or our freedom of action.  
So when I think about following Jesus, I am trying to put myself with those who have not chosen to be where they are.  Those in hospital.  Those without work.  Those going through a breakdown in a relationship.
And I think of those who, like the EAPPI volunteers, are aligning themselves in a practical way with the oppressed.

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