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Week One Of A Sabbatical

It’s Thursday 7th May 2009.  I’m on day 4 of a nine week sabbatical.  I thought I’d keep a diary.

For about 6 yrs I’ve been learning about conflict and peacemaking – through Bridge Builders, an offshoot of the London Mennonite Centre.  So when it came to thinking about a focus for some study, I decided to look a bit more at conflict and peacemaking in the Bible, and especially think about the cross.
I’ll be spending a month in USA – partly family holiday, partly study at Eastern Mennonite University.
I’ll be doing some related reading, but I also wanted a devotional focus, so I picked Mark’s Gospel to read – a few verses at a time.  I’m making some notes on it as I go, with particular reference to conflict, power, oppression, and related themes.
Well that’s an outline … so here goes.

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