We’re Here

Well, we’ve arrived in Washington D.C.  Matt kindly drove us to Manchester Airport, picking us up at 4.15, bang on time.  Flight was good, all running to time, and arrived at D.C. 4 pm local time.  That’s 9 pm in  English money.

Saw a couple of films on the flight, Gran Torino and the Reader, both great films in different ways.  More about Gran Torino another time, because it fits in well with my earlier post about the myth of redemptive violence.
Long queues at immigration, with fingerprints and photographs taken … to see if we are on any databases of undesirables ?
My previous experience of USA has been largely very positive, and that was reinforced by two very helpful people getting us sorted it out with where/how to get the tickets for the bus from the airport to D.C.  The guy at the hotel where we’re staying was also very helpful … Good Vibrations.

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