Gran Torino

The film Gran Torino was showing on the plane on the way over.  There’s no sex, a little violence, and some fairly rich language (mostly the F word). If you can cope with that, see the film.

It’s set in mid west America, is about the relationship between Walt Kowalski, a Korean veteran, and the Vietnamese (?) family that are living next door. Right at the beginning of the film Walt’s wife has just died, and the opening scenes show the funeral and the wake.
A teenage boy living next door is under pressure to join his cousin’s gang, but does not want to join.  As the story progresses, there is a triangle of relationships between Walt, the next door neighbours, and the gang, and Walt’s preconceptions about this Asian family are challenged.  But for Walt, the heart of the story is about the burden of guilt that he carries from Korea.  The big question for Walt is – can violence be justified to solve things ?  I won’t say any more on this post … but I may add another post about – don’t read it if you want to see the film.

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