I have three more days to go with my course on Biblical Foundations for Peacemaking.  I have decided that the best use of my remaining time in the US would be to take advantage of what’s on offer here at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute.  So I have put my name down for what they call the STAR course – STAR stands for – Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Healing.  

It includes a whole range of material including conflict transformation, trauma healing and restorative justice.
I went to a brief introductory meeting on Friday and I’m really excited about the possibility of getting on the course.  (I think I will if there’s space – it’s almost fully subscribed)
One of the things I learned in the brief introduction was to do with the length of time it might take to find healing from a traumatic incident, or set of circumstances.  The recovery time is related to the length of time that a person has been experiencing trauma.
So for someone who has lived in a war affected area for years, or someone who has been abused for years, the recovery is not going to happen overnight.  The work of bringing healing is not likely to be a quick fix one, but one that takes commitment to the long term.
But for now, I must get back to my reading for tomorrow’s class.  A great little book called ‘Blessed are the Pacifists’ by Thomas Trzyna. (About the sermon on the mount)

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