Does the Blog stop here ?

I’m about to come to the end of my sabbatical, which means the end of the blog (in its present form anyway).  At some point I’d like to give an opportunity for friends at St Nicholas who have read any of the blog to give me some feedback, so I’ll be arranging a discussion evening soon for any that are interested.

If you live away from Beverley, but would like to give me some feedback, I’d be pleased to have a virtual conversation with you.  You can reach me on jonnyfun.e@googlemail.com.
I’m interested to know about anything that was: interesting/boring/annoying/helpful/unclear/challenging/
uplifting/confusing/longwinded/entertaining etc etc.
I would like to carry on with the reflections on Mark’s Gospel, for my own benefit more than anything else, and I might stick those up on a blog.  I’m certain to continue with my explorations into the area of peacebuilding/conflict transformation etc, but whether I’ll make the time to blog those thoughts is anyone’s guess at the moment.

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