Knowing God

I’m reading a book called Shantaram, about Lin, an Australian living in Bombay.  It’s a long story how he got there, but this takes place in a club, where he has been taken by Khaderbai,

one of the local underworld bosses.
They have just been watching a group of gazal singers, and Lin says: “That was amazing. I’ve never heard anything like it.  So much sadness and yet so much power. Are they singing love songs ?”
The answer came from Kahderbai: “Yes, they are singing love songs, but the best and truest of all love songs. They are love songs to God.  These men are singing about loving God.”
Lin nodded, but said nothing. The silence prompted a question:
Kahderbai: “You are a Christian fellow ?”
Lin: “No, I don’t believe in God.”

Kahderbai: “There is no believing in God.  We either know God, or we do not.”

I ike that.  Faith is not so much about a head belief, but about something much deeper, a knowing, a trust.
This prompts two questions:
Can you truly say that you believe in God without knowing God ?
Is it possible to know God without believing in God ?
Answers on a postcard please, or send me a reply in the usual way.
Grace and peace.

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