Open Churches again ?

There’a a verse in the psalms that says this … “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.”

It’s a verse that is quoted several times in the New Testament – for example by Jesus in Matthew 21. 

Jesus has just told a parable – a story that shows the way that religious leaders often miss what God is doing.  Jesus himself is the cornerstone, yet he is being rejected.  The very people who should be  most attentive to God don’t see it.  In Jesus’ case of course, this led to his death. 

If human nature is the same now as it was then, my guess is that religious leaders are still in danger of not seeing the big picture.

As churches, we are now in danger of being obsessed by the return to our church buildings.  It is starting to consume much of our thinking and energy.

One of the main things that the gospels show us is that God is not limited to buildings.  The Jews thought that the temple was THE place to meet with God.  Jesus showed them that God is out and about in the world, as he went around teaching and healing in homes and on hillsides.

This current situation is one to be treasured for giving us the opportunity to be a people that are not bound by buildings.  Let’s focus on ways to find God in everyday life.  To listen to what the wind of the Holy Spirit is saying to the church.

Grace and peace.

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