I’m a creature who likes change

From time to time, we get a bit bored with having our furniture in the same place, so we have a move around.  We just like a bit of variety.

It’s the same with my prayer life.  Sometimes I can stick with the same routine for months at a time, but eventually I’ll need a break, and I’ll look for something different.

At the moment, I’m enjoying looking for prayers that start and end my morning routine.  Here’s a set of prayers I like to use at the start:

With what shall I come before the LORD,
and bow myself before God Most High ?
He has told you what is good;
this is what the LORD requires of you:
To do justice,
love mercy
and walk humbly with your God. 

(From Micah 6  verse 6)

Come, God of the poor,
Come, Light of our hearts,
Come, Generous Spirit.

By the glory of your creation around us,
by the comfort of your forgiveness within us,
by the wind of your Spirit blowing through us,
inspire and renew us, so that we come glad to this new day.

(Adapted – from the Iona Community I think)

The Lord is about to pass by:
Lord, have mercy.
Your face, Lord, do I seek:
Christ, have mercy.
Your law is life:
Lord, have mercy.

(From 1 Kings 19, Psalm 27 & Matthew 5)


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