Acts 8:26 – end The Wind of the Spirit

Just looking at this passage from Acts Chapter 8 in the New Testament of the Bible.

This book (Acts) is a narrative of the experience of the first Christians.  It’s personal.  We don’t get the Ethiopian’s name, but even so, this account  is located in time and space – it’s not vague, it’s specific.

Our service for God is acted out in these (mostly small, occasionally amazing) acts of obedience that take us to be with particular people.

My tendency is to want to do the planning myself – to plan a course, or a programme, or a sermon series.  And maybe there’s nothing wrong with that, as far as it goes.  But it seems that God is more random than that.  God isn’t bound by our lectionaries and time tables, although he graciously works through them.

My prayer today is that I am open to what God is doing, and saying.

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