Ad Men and Preachers

Season 6 of Mad Men started in the USA last Sunday – 7th April 2013.

It’s a great series, probably the best thing around at the moment, but this isn’t an advert for Mad Men.

What I’ve noticed is that the ad men spend a lot of time just sitting around, or throwing ideas around – There’s a lot of waiting going on.  Eventually there comes the punch line, or the idea for an ad campaign.  It’s work, but it’s a different kind of work that is maybe more inspiration than perspiration.

I’m currently trying to write a sermon for this coming Sunday.  It’s just not there at the moment. Maybe it’s because I had some time off after Easter – and I’m just not back into the flow yet … I’m waiting for some inspiration.

I feel like the ad men in Mad Men – except that I don’t drink whiskey all the time I’m thinking.

I’m still working / waiting …

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