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Song For Today #19

Rockasteria: Buzzy Linhart - The Time To Live Is Now (1971 us ...

This is a bit of self indulgence. It goes back to the late 70’s when my parents lived in Kingsbridge, South Devon. My dad had been a secondary school headteacher, and had retired from Steyning in West Sussex a few years before. The occasion I remember is hearing the song ‘Friends’ on his Bang and Olufsen radio. It was an expensive piece of kit that was presented to my dad when he retired.

Rosewood Beomaster 900 by Bang & Olufsen | CHASE & SORENSEN

I can just remember coming into the living room as the song ‘Friends’ was playing, and fortunately the announcer said who the artist was – Buzzy Linhart. I have just about everything Buzzy has ever recorded. He first recorded this song on the album – ‘The Time To Live Is Now’, and then recorded another version on ‘Pussycats Can Go Far’

I just had a quick look to check the above facts, and see that he died earlier this year on Feb 13th. I’m pleased that he came to mind today, and that I’m able to say something by way of tribute to an amazing musician.

Here’s the song from the ‘Time To Live Is Now’ album Friends

Friends, by Mark Klingman and Buzzy Linhart

And I am all alone.
There is no one here beside me.
And my problems have all gone,
There is no one to deride me.

But you got to have friends
the feeling’s oh so strong.
You got to have friends
to make the day last long.

I had some friends but they’re gone
Someone came and took them away
And from the dusk till the dawn
here is where I’ll stay.

Standing at the end of the world boys
Waiting for my new friends to come.
I don’t care if I’m hungry or poor,
I’m gonna get me some.
‘Cause you got to have friends.
‘Cause you got to have friends.

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