I’m Excited To Be ‘Going’

This is going to be interesting. It’s a ‘conference’ (online) organised by the Church of England – Reimagining 2020. It’s under the umbrella of Evangelism and Discipleship, and follows a series of webinars earlier this year.

There are some speakers who should be worth listening to – Tom Holland (Author/historian), Lucy Moore (Messy Church Founder), Jill Duff (Bishop of Lancaster), Sam Wells (Vicar of St Martin-In-The-Fields and author) as well as Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury).

It seems to set up really well, with opportunities to ask questions, meet up with old friends, discuss in break our rooms … etc etc.

I’ll see how it goes. It’s on the the next three mornings, Tue, Wed, Thu of this week. I have a question that came out of a chat with some friends yesterday:

Parent/Carer and Toddler groups have historically given a great opportunity for meeting young families and building relationships in a Christian setting. In the light of current difficulties, what might be helpful ways to reach out to parents with pre-school children and build some sort of community ?

2 thoughts on “I’m Excited To Be ‘Going’

  1. It sounds very interesting. I’m reading a book by Tom Holland called ‘In the shadow of the sword ‘ about the growth and spread of Christianity and Islam across the world and am looking forward to ‘Dominion’ his latest. I’ve got to a bit about the spread of the bubonic plague and it sounds just like Covid. They were burying bodies in pits and getting slaves to trample on them to make room for more. Looking forward to hearing about the conference and what they talked about.


  2. Tom Holland was superb. As was the Bishop of Lancaster, Jill Duff. Amazing that something that was originally designed as a residential conference for 150 people is online with 500 attendees. I’m going to have to read Dominion having heard him talk about it.


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