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Morning Prayer Through The Week

I have tried all sorts of ways of giving some structure to my prayer, and in lockdown have found something that is working for me. In the past I’ve found that most of the things I’ve tried have either too many words, or not enough to feel that I’ve done anything.
So – I’ve been collecting prayers – some from other sources, and some home grown, and have this to offer. Each day has a theme, and the same structure for each day, as follows

Opening Prayer.

The psalm of the day
(I’m currently using a book by Walter Brueggemann – Gift and Task – that has suggested psalms and Bible readings for each day – you decide how much and what exactly you put in here, but having a part of a psalm as part of it is, I think, a good discipline)

‘Kyrie’ prayer
The Kyrie prayer is is a short prayer that is important in Christian worship. It is a prayer from the heart about human need. God owes us nothing. Everything he gives comes from his mercy. (Kyrie is the Greek word for Lord)

A Collect prayer – so called because in public worship the prayer gathers together the silent prayer of the assembled company in one prayer.  It has a particular form as follows:
1 God is addressed
2 Something is said about God’s nature, or God’s work
3 A request is made
4 A reason for the request (usually in relation to what was said about God)
5 An ‘Amen’ or other ending. (what Padraig O Tuama calls ‘a bird of praise’

Scripture reading(s) for the day
See above … however much or little you need.

Prayer of thanksgiving or prayers of concern


I also use this form of words before Prayer each day

The night has passed and the day lies open before us;
let us pray with one heart and mind. 
As we rejoice in the gift of this new day,
so may the light of your presence, O God,
set our hearts on fire with love for you. Amen.

So to the 7 days and 7 themes.

Sunday – Resurrection and new life
Monday – Creation
Tuesday – Justice and Peace
Wednesday – The Holy Spirit
Thursday – Following Jesus
Friday – Forgiveness
Saturday – The Communion of Saints – believers past and present.

On Sunday at the monent, I’m using the form of morning prayer from the Northumbria community. Since I use this in its entirety, I won’t include it here, for copyright reasons, but you can find it here.
I have included it, because it’s the one thing in the past that I was able to use every day for a couple of years without getting bored with it.

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