At The Heart Of God …

In one of the sessions of our church Lent course, we are asked to write something like a creed, a statement of faith …. I believe

My attempt, just written from the heart in a few minutes goes like this-

I believe that at the heart of God is community and that God’s heart is to be with us, and never leave us

I believe that God is behind where everything starts and finishes, and that there is order in everything

I believe that God knows the pain of suffering, and that it helps to know that when we’re going through it

I believe that God is playful and creative, and that we can be as well.

I believe that there’s an awful lot that I don’t know, and even about myself, but I do trust God with everything

I believe that all of the above helps to live a life that can be increasingly full of God, and full of life

One thought on “At The Heart Of God …

  1. Just catching up after a busy period. A thought. In amongst the order and prescriptive nature of worship in the CofE we are a disparate (and desperate) group of individuals. We change with the wind at times so no surprises that our understanding and feeling towards God can change. But one thing for certain is that our gratitude and love for His gifts should be massive and very difficult to write down.


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