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You made it your own

The nature of my work means that I get to read the Bible a lot. I read these words today, written by St Paul: “I press on to make Christ my own, as he has made me his own”

In the UK we have this (addictive for some) T.V. talent show called ‘The X Factor’. One of the judges has a habit of saying something like … ‘That was great Sean – you made that song your own’. In other words .. the singer had imprinted on the song something of themselves. They had transformed the song in some way so that they have made it distinctively theirs. The singer has taken a song that ‘belonged’ to someone else and made it their own.

I guess this is partly what trying to be a disciple of Jesus Christ is all about. Christ makes us his own. He takes us and transforms our lives so that it is obvious that we belong to God.

I have a prayer that I use most days .. Faithful One, whose word is life; come free our praise, inspire our prayers, and shape our lives for the kingdom of your son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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