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Angels Were There For Him

Mark 1:12-14

The Spirit, the Desert, Satan, Wild Beasts and Angels!
We live in a more or less hostile environment. There is much in the world to pull us down.  Whether it is the physical situation, or loneliness, or temptations, or danger.
What we need is angels.  God provides Jesus with the help he needs.  Neither does God forget us in our need.  We are all children of God!
Angels waited on him.  Angels attended him.  Angels ministered to him.  It means they were there for him.  That was their purpose.  It still is.
Back to Palestine/Israel.  There’s an organisation called Ecumenical Accompaniment Progamme in Palestine Israel (EAPPI).  EAPPI is a work of the  World Council of Churches, set up in response to pleas from Christians in Israel for the church to do something about the conflict in Palestine Israel.
EAPPI provides groups of individuals who go for three months to be a peaceful presence in the region.  They stand at checkpoints to support Palestinians, they may report human rights violations, and are a vital part of the efforts to bring peace with justice to the region.  See for more.
These EAPPI volunteers are among the angels who attend the Palestinian people.

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