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The Importance Of The Old

Mar 1:2-2

What Jesus brings is not a new religion.  We have enough of that.  More than enough.  Jesus was rooted in the Old Testament scriptures, in the faith of his ancestors.  What Jesus brought was a fulfilment of the promises made long ago.

These words are addressed TO Jesus ‘See I am sending my messenger ahead of you’ 
The old is often rejected in favour of the new.  The old is often scorned.  It’s boring, irrelevant.  But this new thing that Jesus does is rooted in the ancient revelation of God through the prophets. Christians (especially evangelical and charistmatic ones)  sometimes think that by singing a load of new songs and listening to inspirational preaching, we can get everything we need to feed our spirit.
This is in  danger of being Do it Yourself Christianity.  There are ancient ways of reading, and praying and living that we miss at our peril

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