One of the great things about being here, is meeting people from different countries, and hearing stories of life and faith, often in places where there is ongoing violence and injustice. I can’t go into any detail on this blog, aware that anyone can read this, and not wanting to put anyone in a dangerous position. That comment alone is enough to remind me that however much we want to be open and talk freely about these things, there is a wisdom that is needed here.

Perhaps it is enough for the moment to say that this rich environment gives me stories that, even if I cannot share them in this medium, will give me the encouragement and some of the resources that I need to connect more effectively with those who speak from another faith tradition.

In class today we were talking about the need to speak from ‘deep to deep’ in our inter denominational and inter faith dialogue. By that I mean – we need people who hold their faith positions strongly and passionately to be willing to engage with others with a different viewpoint. Dialogue, particularly inter-faith dialogue is viewed by some with suspicion, and a concern that we might be ‘selling out’. The result may be that it is those more on the fringes that engage in dialogue, those who therefore have less at stake.

It is important that those who have very deep convictions are willing to enagage with those who are different.

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